Friday, December 14, 2007



Sorry for not updating this blog for a moment.
Today I got to know a new blog, Asiajin.
Wow, this is great! In this blog, you can see lots of Japanese (and Asian) services. It might be rare for you to see those services, but there are lots of great Web 2.0 works in Japan. If you have any interest on those services, add the feed to your feed reader.

In Notes/Domino world, the gap between Japan and the other word is still huge because of language barrier, but I hope things will change at some time.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


"I AM A Redbooks Author"

I went to the ITSO Redbook showcase yesterday, and got a badge "I AM A Redbooks Author". So just talk to me if you find the guy who has this badge!

I enjoy all the session, and honestly, there are too many attractive sessions and it's tough to decide which session to go!

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Now in Orlando - the Lotusphere eve

It was a pretty tough trip from Tokyo to Orlando, but I've finally come to WDW. Everything is fine except I lost my baggage in Orlando airport. I hope they will find it soon...

For tommorow's jump start session, I would like to attend what I am not good at. And they must be Portals and Sametimes. So my current plan is...
- JMP205 IBM Lotus Sametime 7.5 -- Technical Details and Architecture
- JMP102 IBM Lotus Domino Domain Manager Jumpstart
- JMP204 Portals 101 - Introduction to Portal Technologies

I haven't still decided if I go to DDM session, but I just thought I should have much more knowledge around this area.

# I also have a big interest on Paul Calhoun's "JMP202 "It Takes Two to Tango" - Learning Java Using the Eclipse Development Platform" session, but unfortunately I need to attend other session, this time.
Paul and I was in the same Redbook project 7 years ago and I know how he is a good teacher from heart. I hope I can attend his "BP201 Coding Web Service Clients For IBM Lotus Domino" session.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Lotusphere 2007

Just a small news to my friends and readers of this humble blog, I am going to attend this coming Lotusphere. Please catch me there.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Language Barrier

Most of the Japanese people study English in school, and can understand some words. However they usually can not speak due to the notorious education system. What we learn in school is just reading and some writing. We have no chance to listen to the real English, and as a result we can not speak in natural pronounciation. In stead of natural English, we pronounce like katakana(Japanese alphabet) words.

Here, I found a typical example of Japanese-accent English in youtube.

This is very very funny for us, because his accent is a perfect Japanese-accent. Just try to check at it. Some of you might have a chance to talk to Japanese guys in the future, and at that time, most of you will experience to hear these accents, I guess.

I personally hope that my accent is better than him. However I know that I still have a lot of trouble in my pronounciation (e.g. I can not pronounce the word "silver"...).

Since English and Japanese is a totally different language, and we do not have a chance to use English in our daily life in Japan, it is very hard for us to speak in English. Anyway we want to communicate with you from all over the world. So, please be patient, and enjoy the conversation. And if you wish, please enjoy our accent :-)

Sunday, April 02, 2006



I read this entry at Ed Brill's blog and want to mention about the current trends in Japan.

Staying within policy

As far as I know, we have rare chances to hear about the Japanese customers who is using "Policies". And I personally thinks we should try to promote this function much much more. Generally, it is said that Notes client has disadvantages for its central administration of the client comparing with Web browsers. Using policies is a very good solution for this.

I am always afraid of Japan being a lot behind to the U.S, especially for adopting new features. Ed's entry made me relifed a little bit. However we have to promote this function to make the Notes Client much more convienient. (I love web application but that is another issue)

Monday, March 06, 2006


Purpose of this blog

I have my own blog which is written in Japanese. As for me, it is much easier to write entries in Japanese. However I would love to post entries also in English to share my opinion and current Notes/Domino technical trends in Japan with all the engineers in the world.

The main purposes of this blog are as follows.
First of all I would like to share the current Japanese technology trends with all of you. It is true that our domestic world has some trends in each month or so, which sometimes include very critical information for every Notes/Domino domains. These trends, stories, and rumors are naturally very famous among the Japanese engineers. However we usually do not have a chance to talk these technical issues with other countries engineers, and that must lose some opportunities.
On the other side, Japanese customers are usually very conservative and we often keep using some of the very old methodologies and techniques without knowing the world's trends. In that case, I am really happy to know everyone's feedback.

I would also like to focus on some other technologies than Notes/Domino, if possible ;-) since some of my friends kindly visit this page.

Finally, I will add Japanese traditional cultures and stuff like that to let everyone have an interest in Japan. We always welcome you!

Thank you very much!

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