Monday, March 06, 2006


Purpose of this blog

I have my own blog which is written in Japanese. As for me, it is much easier to write entries in Japanese. However I would love to post entries also in English to share my opinion and current Notes/Domino technical trends in Japan with all the engineers in the world.

The main purposes of this blog are as follows.
First of all I would like to share the current Japanese technology trends with all of you. It is true that our domestic world has some trends in each month or so, which sometimes include very critical information for every Notes/Domino domains. These trends, stories, and rumors are naturally very famous among the Japanese engineers. However we usually do not have a chance to talk these technical issues with other countries engineers, and that must lose some opportunities.
On the other side, Japanese customers are usually very conservative and we often keep using some of the very old methodologies and techniques without knowing the world's trends. In that case, I am really happy to know everyone's feedback.

I would also like to focus on some other technologies than Notes/Domino, if possible ;-) since some of my friends kindly visit this page.

Finally, I will add Japanese traditional cultures and stuff like that to let everyone have an interest in Japan. We always welcome you!

Thank you very much!

Friday, March 03, 2006



I am a Notes/Domino engineer in Japan. I sometimes had a chance to feel the cultural difference for using Notes/Domino between Japan and other areas, and happened to create this blog to show the current Japanese technical trends for Notes/Domino.
Entries might include Notes/Domino Administration, System design, Web application development, and etc. I would also like to introduce some of the Japanese something which is not related to Notes/Domino.

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