Saturday, June 24, 2006


Language Barrier

Most of the Japanese people study English in school, and can understand some words. However they usually can not speak due to the notorious education system. What we learn in school is just reading and some writing. We have no chance to listen to the real English, and as a result we can not speak in natural pronounciation. In stead of natural English, we pronounce like katakana(Japanese alphabet) words.

Here, I found a typical example of Japanese-accent English in youtube.

This is very very funny for us, because his accent is a perfect Japanese-accent. Just try to check at it. Some of you might have a chance to talk to Japanese guys in the future, and at that time, most of you will experience to hear these accents, I guess.

I personally hope that my accent is better than him. However I know that I still have a lot of trouble in my pronounciation (e.g. I can not pronounce the word "silver"...).

Since English and Japanese is a totally different language, and we do not have a chance to use English in our daily life in Japan, it is very hard for us to speak in English. Anyway we want to communicate with you from all over the world. So, please be patient, and enjoy the conversation. And if you wish, please enjoy our accent :-)

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