Wednesday, January 24, 2007


"I AM A Redbooks Author"

I went to the ITSO Redbook showcase yesterday, and got a badge "I AM A Redbooks Author". So just talk to me if you find the guy who has this badge!

I enjoy all the session, and honestly, there are too many attractive sessions and it's tough to decide which session to go!

are you on lab duty by any chance these days?
Unfortunately, I'm just an attendee this time, and not in lab. But if you find a Japanese man who has this badge, that's me :-)
I will keep my eyes open..if you see a guy with longer blonde hair, glasses and a black blazer & white shirt..that's me (I go by Andy Mang)...I'll probably be in ID214, ID101 R3(3pm?) ID219 at 4:15,and Speed geeking tonight..-Andy
wow i was at ID214 but it's very very crowded...
Now I am at AD309, and will be at AD201.
I don't have a plan for tommorow yet, but maybe at ID209, ID210.
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